Consider it this way: If we took all to an extreme

Consider it this way: If we took all to an extreme

The effect which Venezuelan RuneScape players are getting on RuneScape has become a divisive issue in the RuneScape community. The prices of items today fluctuate dramatically with RS gold the ongoing power cuts in Venezuela. Will Anema, that runs a favorite RuneScape YouTube station, doesn't believe that costs are a good thing. He considers the influx of farmers is having a negative influence on RuneScape. "I don't want RuneScape I know and enjoy being ruined," Anema says.

"Consider it this way: If we took all to an extreme and all the best equipment and items were very inexpensive -- so cheap that when I went out and bought gold, I could purchase every item that I wanted to -- afterward RuneScape would be nearly meaningless. Everyone would have everything they desired, and that would go completely against why folks play RuneScape. That's why I think deflating prices since you are selling gold is indeed harmful to RuneScape."

While Anema is very important to people who gold-farm at RuneScape, he believes there is a degree of hypocrisy hiding behind the criticism aimed toward Venezuelan RuneScape players, as they are only able to do what they do because of the demand for gold farming services from additional RuneScape players. "People who are mad at Venezuelans for gold farming also need to look at the neighborhood and state: Well, there is just as much need here for the Venezuelans' source, because a ton of people are purchasing their golden," Anema continues. "It's an issue in the community also."

One post -- since removed by a moderator -- has been a guide describing how to spot and kill RuneScape players in a place of RuneScape commonly used to farm dragons. In another, a broken-hearted RuneScape player recounted his experience with a Venezuelan RuneScape player who was attempting to flee the country. A good deal of the animosity that is directed toward Venezuelan RuneScape players is coming out of RuneScape players who invest their time in the Revenant Caves located in the Wilderness, an area where RuneScape players can attack other RuneScape players. The Revenant Caves are fairly popular with buy OSRS gold Venezuelan gold farmers, who generally play in massive groups or clans to hunt green dragons or struggle other RuneScape players. Here, some RuneScape players assert, has made the Revenant Caves"unplayable."

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