Imagine the dev support it would receive if it wasn't the money maker

Imagine the dev support it would receive if it wasn't the money maker

You think that it's bad? Imagine the dev support it would receive if it wasn't the money maker. We would be stuck playing with some head trainer game from back in the afternoon. That would be a huge improvement in the franchise perspective. I think a Mut 20 coins for sale good deal of folks would prefer a good franchise mode over anything. I'd take a 6/10 gameplay match to get a franchise mode that is good. You are naive if you believe dividing Madden NFLs will enhance the bottom game in any way. Why would they magically start caring?

I think that the COD Warzone is a wonderful example of something they could do. Make MUT free to perform, you can buy a season pass so that they can receive their money. Man I miss standing at the steps of canton, and when your parents chose that your Madden NFL player place.

When they had them through 7, loved and you'd play with the drills to gain attribute points to the Madden NFL players. Me and my buddies would play with franchise and that I could gold celebrity the CB drill every time and they'd trade me a mid or late round pick to take action lol. You can get like 7 points to include to blamed or some thing it was wild! So fun, so much better than the present bullshit advancement system. From playing good also and people got good. Nothing like eventually getting enough things to add electricity to your kicker (after getting best kicker award for a year or two years of winning and heaps of created kicks) and you get 1 consciousness lmao.

In a lot of ways, I prefer the exercises which exist now. This movie shows a drill where precision passing is crucial, but there's no defense. The drill does nothing to inform you which of these three routes are the best read on any particular play. Actually, you could argue it reinforces particular cheesy components by telling Madden NFL players one path is simple and another is hard, so they will avoid the tougher ones.The current training system, in contrast, tells Madden NFL players exactly what every sort of route is designed to do, when it should be your read, and other important info, then gives reps against guards playing with a particular manner. That's a great deal more useful IMO.

It has been about 20 years since I attended a soccer practice, but we'd exercises vs. live drills and defense vs. partial defense and drills vs. no defense. If Madden included versions of all of that, with a concentration on enhancing play recognition, teaching on various offensive/defensive philosophies, and coaching Madden NFL player controller abilities, that could be perfect.

Wow I can tolerate the tune in Madden NFL. The soundtrack for Madden 20...I do not even consider that shit songs. Only a bunch of Gen Z's title dropping football shit beats. I mean who gives a fuck about migos? Twelve year olds that's who... Really wish EA would realize that not only 12 year-old fortnite buttholes play with Madden NFL. Give me some more Ozzy and GnR. Let me hear you scream is, and are the Madden song. I don't remember which one it was on but I remember loading Madden NFL upward and hearing that tune and getting pumped to move hit stick someone into next Tuesday. Since Madden 15 I been disabling EA Trax to cheap Mut 20 coins stop my ears. I am a btw not a Boomer, I only have great taste. Unlike the rest of my generation and those after us. That's my rant thanks for listening fuck EA.

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