All things have value and worth in RS

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I find myself needing to get in to OSRS. I leveled some base stats and did make an OSRS account and transferred RS3 gold onto it. My issue is that OSRS gold seems tough justifying time sink in an older, legacy game, using a mostly-level (virtually stagnant) Runescape playerbase that peaks at roughly 100k, and who is bot-to-real Runescape participant ratio is high as hell. Considering Im doing some pretty busy non-gaming related things at my PC as of late, you'd think I would jump straight into OSRS as a less-than-active MMORPG thankfully, but something prevents me from doing so.

The combat is fairly trash if you want true Runescape player ability and non rng based equipment switching and the neighborhood is idiots from the sense they don't want to see Runescape game progress with new ability additions because they wish to keep it such as 2007 runescape but have no problems with overpowered PVE dungeons that is the best money along with the overpowered weapons they fall. Runescape game has lots of material but alot of it is useless and pointless because it does not have any reward or not useful, but even then doing the same thing like pest control for your 10,000th time becomes boring no matter. Botting and scamming is a problem.

The quests are great and very rewarding with fantastic dialogue. Sandbox game in which you do what you would like. Of the abilities tie into each other provide rewards and purpose. Though everything in Runescape sport is content that is the reason they should add dungoneering like skills in Runescape sport to advertise all of playstyles interacting. All things have value and worth and used to get something. Along with the npcs. Pvp is enjoyable but the rng is bothersome occasionally. Additionally battle use to be much more interesting before"pures" turned into something and main accounts would frequent the wild to pvp. Everyone out there is a account.

Skills have a sense of achievement when getting 99(although not very like it use to) but combined with that the grind becomes dull and dull. OSRS/Pre EoC runescape has. It will make runescape my 2nd most favorite mmorpg after Darkfall online.I find this pretty demotivating to buy rs 3 gold at times once I dip back into OSRS. Want some help/guidance w/ large level activities? You get linked to setups, containing the most recent powercrept products, and the viable setups/activities get memory-holed. That having been said, I enjoy casually skilling and making my way through the majority of the quests can feel alright.

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